An Approach to Measure Instructional Design Capacity


  • Nathan Lentfer University of Northwestern - St. Paul
  • Joel Johnson University of Northwestern - St. Paul


capacity, workload, instructional design, administration


Every instructional design team has a massive amount of work to get done developing new courses, revising existing courses, supporting faculty and more. How do you measure your team's capacity as a whole and per person? Since 2016, the University of Northwestern's Online Learning Office has been monitoring and refining our capacity measures which has helped us with team member allocations and our ability to plan for future programs, courses, and other projects. Join us as we share foundational principles for measuring capacity and some tips for how to adapt them to fit your campus environment.

Author Biographies

Nathan Lentfer, University of Northwestern - St. Paul

Nathan Lentfer is the Instructional Designer & Technologist Manager at the University of Northwestern - St. Paul.

Joel Johnson, University of Northwestern - St. Paul

Joel Johnson is the Director of Academic Technology and Online Learning at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul.


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