Postgraduate trainee views on eHealth at a distributed medical campus.

  • Sophiya Benjamin, MBBS McMaster University
  • Joanne Ho, MD, MSc
  • Jeff Alfonsi, MD
  • Hugh Kellam, PhD
Keywords: telemedicine, econsult, eHealth, needs assessment, postgraduate education


Purpose: e-Health is a rapidly evolving field that cuts across specialties however; there is a gap in development and evaluation of training for postgraduates in residency programs. This is a multicentre, collaborative effort among faculty from the departments of Psychiatry, Geriatrics and Internal Medicine in partnership with Ontario Telehealth Network to assess the needs of postgraduate residents in ehealth and build a pilot program to address identified learning gaps.

Methodology: We conducted a needs assessment (Appendix A) through an online survey to investigate the self-perceived knowledge, gaps and barriers to eHealth of medical resident physicians at the McMaster University DeGroote School of Medicine Waterloo Regional Campus (WRC), Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Results: All respondents identified that they would be interested in education in telehealth and all of them felt that they would have to use telehealth in their future practices. However, 83.3% did not feel confident using telemedicine in clinical practice. Based on the results of the needs assessment, we have built a pilot rotation in which postgraduate trainees can practice telehealth skills in an interdisciplinary setting.

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Submitted: 2018-06-27
Accepted: 2019-01-15
Published: 2019-02-26
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