Submission Guidelines


  • Authors must be undergraduate honors students enrolled in a university-level honors program or college. Honors alumni who have graduated no more than a year ago are also eligible to submit their work.
  • Previously published work will not be reviewed by the Aisthesis editorial board. Simultaneous submissions are welcome; however, if your work has been accepted elsewhere, please withdraw your submission by emailing
  • At maximum, each author can submit up to (1) academic submission and (1) creative submission per year to Aisthesis.  If you are submitting one of each, please submit them separately through the website.

Academic Submissions: As an interdisciplinary publication, we welcome academic work, including honors capstone projects, literature reviews, and research articles, from all fields of research. Word count: All academic submissions must be less than 5000 words, excluding the references page and figures.

Creative Submissions: Creative submissions of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and visual art (including but not limited to painting, sculpture, short film, multimedia, and photography) are also encouraged from any undergraduate student enrolled in a university honors program. Word count for creative submissions: Creative nonfiction and fiction submissions must be less than 5000 words. If you are submitting poetry, please submit no more than five poems. For visual artists only: Please submit a brief artist statement (150-300 words) that notes the title of your work, the methods and materials used, and the year of creation. The statement should also briefly describe the work's central themes, tensions, and/or explorations.

Submission Deadline: March 10, 2021 (11:59 pm CT)

Acceptable Submission Formats:

  • Text: Word documents or plain-text files
  • Multimedia: .mp4 files (preferred)
  • Image: .png or .jpg files

Required Submission Documents:

  • Contact information attachment 
  • Academic article or creative work submission
  • Artist statement (for visual artists only) 

In your contact information attachment, please include the following:

  • First and last name
  • University and honors program
  • Name of your honors program director
  • Discipline and genre of submission (e.g., biology, literature review)
  • Objective of academic work *for academic article submissions only
  • Citation style (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) *for academic article submissions only
  • Email address and phone number
  • Contact information of an advocating professor *required for academic article submissions; optional for creative submissions

Submission Instructions:

  • Create an account by clicking Register in the upper right-hand corner of the Aisthesis homepage. Under Affiliation, please note the name of your university and honors program. Do not check the box next to “request the Reviewer status.”
  • Click New Submission.
  • Under Section, select your submission type (academic article or creative work). Check the submission requirements.
  • Under Article Component, select your submission type again (academic article or creative work). Then, drag and drop your submission into the box.
  • Select Edit to retitle your file to include the submission’s discipline and title. Example: Environmental sociology, “Alienation in Agriculture.” Please feel free to use an abbreviated title.
  • Select Add Another File. Under Article Component, select Contact Information.
  • Draft and drop your contact information file into the box. Click Continue and then Complete.
  • You should see two files: your submission and contact information. Click Save and Continue.
  • Enter Metadata. Include the full title as well as the subtitle and abstract (if applicable). 
  • Click Finish Submission.

**Do NOT place personal identification information in your academic article or creative work submission; your contact information should only appear in the contact information attachment**

**Authors will retain the copyright to their original works**

Questions? Please email