Eye of the Beholder


  • Maggie Rodgers Fairfield University


Gauche painting and collage. Use of magazine clippings, book clippings, personal drawings, graphic novel clippings, etc.

This work is meant to highlight society’s view of women and femininity, specifically analyzing how women are subjected to constant and unspoken observation in their daily lives. This piece was inspired by feminist literature, including excerpts from Margaret Atwood’s The Robber Bride. The goal of the piece is to invoke thought about the role of women as objects of the male gaze, and further illustrate how the male gaze has become present in virtually every aspect of society. Clippings of eyes are used throughout the piece to emphasize being the subject of an ever-present watcher. Specific clippings in the work aim to additionally highlight the way women are spoken about in media as well as the way women speak about themselves. The painting, a main focus in the work, is a self-portrait that I felt was important to include as a symbol of my own role as part of the societal view of women. Creating this work, I felt driven by my emotions as a woman and the somewhat inescapable pressure to perform not only for others, but for myself.






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