“Anaphylactic Shocker!”: The Use of a Dynamic QR Code Medical Bracelet to Administer a Practice Epinephrine Auto-Injector During a Staged Medical Emergency


  • Katelyn France University of Minnesota Duluth


QR codes, Static QR codes, Dynamic QR codes, Bluetooth, Medical Equipment, Medical bracelets, Biomedical enginnering, Anaphylaxis, Anaphylactic Shock, Medtech, Medical Technology


Medical bracelets can save lives, but often lack the necessary information for appropriate medical care in emergency scenarios. The focus of this research was to determine whether a dynamic QR code medical bracelet connected to a Bluetooth carrying case allowed participants to react faster to a staged medical emergency when compared to standard medical bracelets, static QR code medical bracelets, or non-Bluetooth dynamic QR code medical bracelets.1 A mock medical scenario for anaphylactic shock was tested in which a staged practice dummy wore one of four medical bracelets (standard, static, dynamic, and dynamic/Bluetooth), and participants were timed in locating and properly administering a practice epinephrine auto-injector. Both dynamic QR code bracelets displayed the location of the auto-injector and how to use it, while the connected Bluetooth carrying case system emitted a buzzing sound, allowing participants to listen and look for the epinephrine auto-injector. The static QR code informed participants of the need for an auto-injector. The standard bracelet displayed only the medical condition. The dynamic QR code bracelet with connected Bluetooth carrying case was faster and more precise in all trials (p<.0001). This dynamic scannable-interface (QR code) medical bracelet is unique in its connectivity to Bluetooth and its aim in supporting bystanders (vs. medical professionals) in the case of a medical emergency. Continued improvements in medical bracelet technology could improve medical response time and care in emergency scenarios, leading to fewer hospital stays and lower mortality for those with medical conditions.






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