What Disparities Exist in the Compensation and Representation of Faculty in the Colleges of Business at Texas Public Institutions?


  • Jayden Delanoy University of North Texas


Higher Education, Compensation, Faculty, Public University, Gender Gap, Business Industry, Gender Representation


When observing representation and compensation within college of business faculty in Texas public universities, what disparities exist? Further, do the compensation and representation of University faculty reflect higher education’s intent of promoting equality and diversity within its institutions? Research has demonstrated improvements in representation and wage rates throughout the last several decades; however, concerns regarding a disparity in the business industry exist today. To investigate the range of the disparity, this study will conduct statistical analyses on three public universities in Texas. These universities include the University of North Texas, the University of Texas at Arlington, and Texas Tech University. Data will be collected on the annual salaries and the gender of the college business faculty members in attempts to determine whether or not gender is a statistical determinant of salary in higher education. The study will further suggest potential attempts to close the gap in modern day higher education, as well as within the business industry at large.






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