Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Madiha Ahmed Elmhurst College


Diversity is the growing trend in countless societies, as the world seeks to expand in its quest towards globalization. Past research has shown support for adding ethnic diversity into the workplace, as well as addressing the arguments that are against it. Before understanding the need for diversity, this paper reviews how diverse groups come to form. Previous research has shown both benefits and challenges associated with increasing ethnic diversity in the workplace; however, research fails to come to a consensus on how to remedy the negative effects that exist. By analyzing the negatives specifically, this paper posits that the negatives effects of diversity are more perceived than actual. The findings suggest that remedying negatives means working on reducing perceived bias. Several interventions have been suggested to reduce bias, real or imagined, to promote multiculturalism and foster inclusion in the workplace.

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