Alternative Credentialing

Micro-credentials, digital badging, and our practical experience

  • Pam McGee MSU Moorhead
  • Denise Gorsline MSU Moorhead
  • Josh Behl MSU Moorhead
Keywords: digital badging, digital, badge, micro-credential, credentialing


Alternative Credentials, badging micro-credentialing, stackable credentials, portability of credentials—what's this all about? What happened to just getting a degree? The multiple reasons for and results of embarking on an Alternative Credentials initiative at your school range from enhancing and documenting student career readiness to marketing your programs to a whole new audience. If employers like Amazon and IBM are saying they don't look for college degrees, understanding the alternative ways students are gaining skills is critical. The session's objectives include understanding basic terminology, the five-step process to launch an initiative, and four university examples of different types of credentials. We will share the highs and lows of what we have learned through MSUM's badging initiative.

Author Biography

Pam McGee , MSU Moorhead

Denise teaches communications courses at MSUM while Pam and Josh teach in the project management and operations management programs.