From Chat Boxs to Chatter Boxes

Getting them to talk!


  • Anastasia Martin


student engagement, scaffolding


Do you miss the sound of student voices in your online classroom? Yes, we can “hear” students’ voices in their writing, but sometimes the sound of a voice communicates in a much more meaningful way. So, how do you get them to talk?! With patience. And intention. And scaffolding. In this session you will see how one teacher took her students from chat boxes to chatter boxes in a series of carefully scaffolded lessons that conclude with an asynchronous Model United Nations debate…with voices!

Author Biography

Anastasia Martin

Anastasia Martin is a licensed social studies educator (grades 6-12) who has taught since 1999 in Connecticut, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Her teaching experiences include middle school and high school students in a wide variety of courses. She has also taught in a college setting and worked with students earning their GEDs. A North Dakota native, Anastasia loves to travel and has been to five continents. Anastasia received her BA in Political Science and Education from North Dakota State University and her Master’s degree in Public Administration from Southern Connecticut State University. She has taught online at Minnesota Online High School (MNOHS) since 2005. She is also a member of the Professional Development Committee and President of the MNOHS Board of Directors.