Creating an Interdisciplinary Online Textbook

A Case Study and an Invitation to Contribute


  • Amanda Bemer Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Lori Baker Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Lisa Lucas Hurst Southwest Minnesota State University


OER, Open textbook, collaboration, case study, creative commons, interdisciplinary, Shark Tank, MinnState


Panel members will describe the process of collaboration that resulted in an online textbook for a 200-level composition course at Southwest Minnesota State University. A unique component of the textbook is its interdisciplinary nature: we will share our process in inviting colleagues to share materials related to reading, writing, research, and documentation in their respective fields. We will exhibit the final product, and finally, as we move this project into the next phase of becoming a more open educational resource, we will ask audience members to share the project with colleagues and invite professors from other institutions to add content to the resource. (Contributions must follow required prompts and procedures; will be edited for continuity.)

Author Biography

Amanda Bemer, Southwest Minnesota State University

All three presenters are English faculty at Southwest Minnesota State and teach a 200-level required writing course which their online textbook described in this presentation supports.