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Call for Papers: “Local Action, Global Impact: From Domination to Partnership”

 The Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies publishes a themed issue each fall. The theme for 2018 is "Local Action, Global Impact: From Domination to Partnership." The theme reflects the growing understanding that global changes often begin when people take action locally. The partnership community around the globe is involved in creative community-based actions that promote mutual respect, social and economic justice, and gender and environmental balance. It is time for us to share insights about this work so that we may empower others to follow.

The editors invite researchers, scholars, and community leaders to submit original articles for its October 2018 issue. The deadline is September 1st. 


Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies (IJPS) ISSN: 2380-8969 (Online)

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies—a peer-reviewed, open-access electronic journal—invites researchers, scholars and authors to submit original writing for publication.

About the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies

Partnership Studies analyzes social institutions and beliefs from the perspective of where they fall on the partnership/domination continuum, illuminating how they affect all aspects of life and every social institution, from the family, education, and religion to politics, economics, and mass media. Partnership Studies provides an integrative perspective for understanding and transforming beliefs and social institutions that takes into account the cultural construction of formative relations, which are still generally ignored or marginalized in the canon. It pays special attention to findings from neuroscience showing that our brains develop in interaction with our environments, especially in our early years, and that how a society constructs the roles and relations of males and females impacts not only women’s and men’s life choices but also the society’s values, beliefs, and institutions. Partnership Studies helps us "connect the dots" in new ways to reveal dynamics that are otherwise invisible.

IJPS was created (in 2014) through a partnership between the University of Minnesota Libraries, the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, and the Center for Partnership Studies. In 2016, the Journal had over 7600 downloads. IJPS provides article-level usage metrics, as well as visualization of the geographic reach of the journal.

The journal is published three times per year. Articles undergo double-blind peer review, and there are no fees for authors to publish accepted articles in IJPS. Authors retain the copyright for their article, and all articles are distributed with a Creative Commons license (CC NC-BY 4.0). As an open access journal, and there are no fees or subscription necessary to access any article published in IJPS. All articles are viewable immediately upon publication.

IJPS features Conversations/Interviews with scholars, thought leaders, and content experts about partnership worldwide; Scholarly articles from all disciplines including elements of partnership; Community Voices Articles about applications of partnership worldwide; Media Reviews of books, articles, films, plays, and television and radio programs dealing with themes of partnership and Cover Art.

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