David Loye, Thank You for “Telling The New Story”


  • Ruth Richards Saybrook University




David Loye, Charles Darwin, Darwin’s Lost Theory, General Systems Theory, Chaos Theory, Moral Sensitivity


This is an account of a creative hero, whom we shall dearly miss; a scholar, activist, scientist, writer, and creative spirit, who heard the call and took the risks to offer a truth that was eclipsed for 100 years, i.e., “Darwin’s Lost Theory.” This heroism is part of true creativity, with courage to challenge the status quo. David Loye went further with social implications, and—along with colleagues including Riane Eisler—drew connections with the burgeoning interest in general systems theory, chaos theory, and complexity theory, as well as humanistic and positive psychology and creativity studies. As a social change agent, he helped found important organizations along the way. Today this new story is returning and expanding, in a hopefully continuing process of a valid, inclusive science




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Richards, R. (2022). David Loye, Thank You for “Telling The New Story”. Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, 9(2), Article 15. https://doi.org/10.24926/ijps.v9i2.5145