Healthy Work Environments: An Interprofessional Partnership Model to Promote Positive Workplace Culture


  • Judith Pechacek University Of Minnesota, School of Nursing
  • Deborah Anderson Work-Behavior-Systems-Culture, LLC
  • Rob Lund Behavior at Work Collaborative
  • Laurie Drill-Mellum



Healthy Work Environment, Positive Workplace Culture, Interprofessional Partnership, Healthy and Harmful Behaviors at Work


Background: Healthy work environments (HWEs) are a primary focus of leaders in health care. Many nurse- specific HWE initiatives exist to improve workplace culture; however, workplace harm persists. An interprofessional partnership model is needed to sustain healthy workplace cultures to promote engagement among providers and employees, and safe, high-quality patient care.

Methods: The 5-Stage Process® is a method for teams to openly examine workplace behavior, co-creating their future using continuous quality improvement strategies of Team Building, Assessment, Implementation, Evaluation, and Sustainability. To ensure success, each stage should be completed with focused attention to the concrete strategies the team needs to take to sustain the healthy work environment.

Results: The entire 5-Stage Process® was used by interprofessional teams from the specialties of Perinatology and Radiology at major health care institutions in the Midwest and Perioperative in the Northeast United States. Each team implemented one-on-one conflict resolution techniques, and one team noted improvements in employee engagement scores from 60% to 86%, patient satisfaction from 74% to 85%, safety perception scores from 70% to 79%, and teamwork perception scores from 82% to 84%.

Conclusion: The interprofessional partnership 5-Stage Process® may be a successful method to continuously improve workplace cultures and ultimately improve patient safety and provider and staff satisfaction. Sustaining healthy work environments requires leaders’ constant focus and dedication to partnership techniques to ensure that new healthy behaviors persist.




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Pechacek, J., Anderson , D. ., Lund, R., & Drill-Mellum, L. . (2022). Healthy Work Environments: An Interprofessional Partnership Model to Promote Positive Workplace Culture. Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, 9(2), Article 7.