Call for Papers: "Child Development: Nurturing Our Humanity"


  • IJPS editors



child development, partnership, cultural transformation


The Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies publishes a themed issue each fall. The theme for 2019 is "Child Development: Nurturing Our Humanity".  The editors of IJPS invite researchers, scholars, authors, and practitioners to submit original writing for publication in our Fall 2019 issue (Vol. 6, No.3). The submission deadline is September 15, 2019. Early submissions are welcome and will receive preference in the publication process.

How children develop is a growing theme across disciplines — and for important reasons. Those seeking improved policies and actions to help families understand that this is a critical issue, not only for children and their families, but for every society on the planet.  In this Child Development-themed issue of the IJPS, you are invited to propose perspectives on child development from all disciplines, and to consider how these perspectives relate to domination or partnership; what role child development plays in cultural transformation; and how this role, in turn, relates to fundamental changes in the prevailing paradigm.




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