Caring Economics and the Nordic Model


  • Silvia Hedenigg Friedensau Adventist University



Caring Economics, Partnership, Nordic Model, Cooperation, Trust


Faced with the current spectrum of global crises, Riane Eisler's suggestions for socio-economic and ecological solutions are embedded in the theoretical concept of caring economics (Eisler, 2017). The concept of caring economics was developed alongside feminist positions, mainly from a United States angle, based on the welfare state systems of the Nordic countries. The study presented in this article focused on the underlying understanding of caring economics from a Nordic perspective. Based on an explanation of the Nordic Model, this article outlines the theoretical presentation of caring economics, which was scrutinized in the framework of a qualitative pilot study. Data was collected from interviews with 20 scientists from Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Three central statements of the interviews are presented and discussed with respect to Eisler's theoretical assumptions. Although Eisler's theses have been largely confirmed, the emphasis of the interviewees on the importance of cooperation is in slight contrast to the "caring" elements of empathy and compassion. The study indicates that further research should focus on investigating the importance of cooperation, especially in the context of trust, as a specifically Nordic element of the social state idea.




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Hedenigg, S. (2019). Caring Economics and the Nordic Model. Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, 6(2), Article 2.