The Path Forward


  • Sharon Sund



partnership, collective thoughts, authoritarianism, Raine Eisler, caring economy, political action, desegregation, racism, domination, citizen action, democracy



We in America all care about our democracy and want the best possible outcome for our nation. But how do we get there? What is your role and mine? Can we really make a difference? The American political system is facilitating the election of candidates whom citizens feel do not represent them. My personal experience living in Germany as the country was rebuilding after World War II, then living in Mississippi during school desegregation, and later in corporate America, and finally as a candidate for the U.S. Congress, showed me that good people can wait too long to act. This article is written to save people from regretting that they didn’t do something when they had a chance. I show ways to advance ideals to help create a world we are happy to leave to the next generation. This article will empower readers to take action.




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Sund, S. (2017). The Path Forward. Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, 4(1).