Partnership Cultures: Beginning at the Beginning through Parenting

  • Licia Rando Center for Partnership Studies
Keywords: partnership parenting, domination, parenting, child development, brain development


Partnership cultures begin with the smallest units of society, the family. Creating partnership families requires evaluating internalized parenting scripts, discarding domination practices, and acting to nurture and form healthy relationships. Care and respect are foundational to partnership parenting, creating a safe environment in which children’s neurophysiologies flourish. Parenting practices that promote safety and calm, such as use of touch and communication that appreciates feelings, buffer children from the effects of stress. Policies and practices that support parents toward partnership -- particularly parents living with overwhelming stress, depression, addictions, and/or childhood histories of abuse and neglect -- may improve children’s lifetime physical and mental health outcomes as well as improve our society.

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Rando, L. (2016). Partnership Cultures: Beginning at the Beginning through Parenting. Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, 3(2).
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