Call for Papers

The editorial board of Reconsidering Development is pleased to invite submissions for its Spring 2022 volume. Reconsidering Development is an open-access interdisciplinary journal based at the University of Minnesota. The theme for this volume is Self-knowledge as an Act of Activism and Resistance, with a spotlight on the work of students. Contributors are encouraged to be creative in integrating this theme into their submissions.  

The journal seeks research articles, policy briefs, book reviews, and photo essays that explore the relationship of self-knowledge as a mode of knowledge production, activism, and resistance, written for an interdisciplinary readership. The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2022, by 11:59 pm CT.

In this issue, we aim to incorporate the radical nature of self-knowledge through the approaches of auto-ethnography and reflexivity. We share the vision of Anzaldua (1987) which views self-knowledge as activism and radical resistance to the dominant modes of knowing. We want our contributors to engage with self-knowledge as a form of embodied knowledge-as an approach to express their ‘embodied’ voices and diverse experiences. Moreover, by centering the self, our attempt through this call is to discern how individuals engage in reflexive practices, how they change as scholars, as a result of self reflection. Therefore, this Call for Proposals is centered around the theme of Self-knowledge as an Act of Activism and Resistance

In this issue we aim to highlight the voices of students who are often on the lower rungs of academic hierarchy, as an attempt to recentre the self in the process of knowledge production through the experiences of students and their unique perspectives. Students are encouraged to explore their experiences in higher education, their relationship with the scholarly process of inquiry, and knowledge production, experiences of conducting field work, reflexivity on their identity as a scholar, and privileges and ignorances in doing scholarly work.

We offer the following questions as guides to help understand the relationship between self and the modes of knowledge production:  

  1. How do you reconceptualize self-knowledge in relation to the dominant forms of knowledge production? In what ways can self-knowledge challenge the structures of academia, and shape how we see self and its subjectivity in scholarly work?
  2. How does the self construct our ontology and epistemology, and how is it related to our pursuit of knowledge? 
  3. How does our subjectivity and reflexivity influence our scholarly work? How do you engage in self reflexive practices  and how does it influence your position as a researcher?  

Submissions are encouraged from a wide variety of theoretical and practical perspectives, disciplines, vantage points, and sectors expressed through innovative formats, including but not limited to video, audio, written, and artistic forms of media. For each submission, self-knowledge, reflexivity, and subjectivity should be made central. 

We especially invite pieces that critically interrogate the self in the process of knowledge production and highlight intersectional experiences from different vantage points. The journal’s readers include faculty and students in many departments—including the social sciences, public policy, economics, education, history, health sciences, and development studies—as well as practitioners and policymakers. Therefore, we prefer submissions that speak across disciplines and to a general audience of scholars and practitioners.

Please visit our submissions guidelines for further details on how to submit and types of submission accepted.