Sketchnoting as a Practice to Transform Learning


  • Rebecca Moss University of Minnesota


sketchnoting, visual notetaking, visual learning, visual literacy


Join us for an examination of the principles of sketchnoting or visual notetaking and find out how these practices can offer a transformation in the way you and your students learn.

There is emerging evidence that combining visuals with text in creative and thoughtful ways offer many of us better retention of information, greater understanding of the subject matter, and a deeper focus on the main points.

This will be a very hands-on opportunity with lots of time devoted to practicing the essential elements of a sketchnote, while also learning about why these techniques can be so effective. There is no need to be 'artistic', but you will need to bring your creative energy.

Sketchnoting can be used in the classroom, the meeting room, at conferences and for travel or other experiences. If you are learning and sharing information, you can sketchnote it.

Author Biography

Rebecca Moss, University of Minnesota

Rebecca Moss is a librarian by training, with a background in art history. She came to the University of Minnesota in 1999 to work on converting 35mm slides to digital versions for the Department of Art History. In 2004 the unit joined what is now called LATIS (Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services). Rebecca is now Assistant Director for Enhancing Learning and works with a wide variety of skilled and motivated people who are interested in helping faculty and students be more successful. Her personal focus is on creativity and innovation, emergent technologies and incorporating play into work. Helping CLA engage more broadly with the community is also a big driver. Since the adoption of sketchnotes in her daily work, she has become a better listener, processes ideas more thoroughly, and retains more information.