Create a Live Canvas Dashboard with Canvas API, Google Sheets, and Tableau


  • Fritz Vandover


Analytics, LMS, Canvas, resources


When the University of Minnesota decided to switch from Moodle to Canvas in 2017, the College of Liberal Arts was faced with the daunting task of helping transition approximately 1,500 course sections from Moodle to Canvas. One of the challenges we—the three educational staff members in Liberal Arts Technology Innovation Services (LATIS) who support the College—faced was knowing precisely which departments were actively transitioning to Canvas and which were not. To address this, we developed a live dashboard using the Canvas API, Google Sheets, and Tableau to provide us with up-to-date data about departmental and course-level activity in Canvas so that we knew where to direct our limited personnel resources to maximize our efforts during the transition process. This roundtable will lay out the steps we took to create a Canvas dashboard and some of the lessons we learned along the way.

Author Biography

Fritz Vandover

Fritz Vandover is an Educational Technologies Consultant in Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services (LATIS) at the College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.