Orientation and Learning Sites

Aiming at Student Success


  • Jo Montie
  • John Kinsella


student success, collaboration, student engagement, online orientation


Student Success Sites are digital learning resources available to students before, during or towards the end of their educational program and contribute to student success. In this session learn about a number of student orientation and success sites launched over the last year, and some examples of features, tools and learning activities that support student success. Featured sites will include a technology start up at the beginning of a program, orientation to online learning, registration readiness and degree planning. Tools and learning activities include self-assessments, scaffolded learning activities, learning checks, applied practice activities, and a learning activity in the LMS that communicates to our SIS.

A recent research study around student success tools will be referenced in our session, with examples of how this body of research is informing our development and continuous improvement efforts.

Our examples showcase how we leverage Canvas (LMS) features, Qualtrics, and Zoom. However, the bigger message is around the goals and needs addressed by a particular technology to assist participants to take away learning to apply in their own institutional context.  We also will give participants access to a sample site to access after the session.

Author Biographies

Jo Montie

Jo Montie is an Online Learning Support Systems Facilitator from the University of St. Thomas E-Learning and Research Team (STELAR) Stthomas.Stelar.edu

John Kinsella

John Kinsella is an Instructional Technology Specialist from the University of St. Thomas E-Learning and Research Team (STELAR)