Building an LMS Accessibility Report and Focusing Efforts for Improvement


  • Khaled Musa
  • Sara Schoen
  • Alex Anderson


accessibility, lms, canvas, learning management, drc, headings, images, links, alt text, universal design, policy, compliance, pdfs, video, html, pages


In this presentation we will discuss the process for determining accessibility metrics in the context of LMS content, the construction of an "accessibility spider" to make periodic measurements, reporting on actionable areas, and trying to focus efforts for improvement.

Author Biographies

Khaled Musa

Khaled Musa is an Academic Technologist with a focus on accessibility who has worked in the University of Minnesota Office of Information Technology's Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS) since January 2019.


Sara Schoen

Sara Schoen is an Instructional Designer who has worked in UMN OIT ATSS since 2014.

Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson is a Systems Analyst who has worked in the UMN OIT Video and Conferencing service since March 2017. He spent a number of years in OIT Academic Technology Tools service before that.