Building Bridges: Improving Student Success


  • Ian Singer Credo


Digital Learning Resources, Online & Hybrid Learning, Social & Collaborative Learning, Student Success


Are your high school students ready for the rigors of college research? Are new students coming to your university ready to succeed, or are they being overwhelmed by the college experience, particularly with information literacy? Do faculty complain that they spend more time, with increasing frustration, providing basic research instruction to new students? Are you building bridges to address these issues with your local/regional secondary/post-secondary colleagues? In this presentation, Credo Reference's General Manager will present the details of an innovative collaboration between Credo and Arkansas State University, who are working together to bring information literacy resources and instruction to local high schools in support of college readiness. This presentation will cover a number of issues, including how the library engaged and garnered administration support, including developing a concurrent info lit course, how to establish meaningful partnerships with local high schools, and the metrics used to validate progress.

Topics of discussion will include ways in which the library can do more to enhance its strategic importance relative to administration goals; an overview of the established goals and how success will be tracked in areas including college preparedness, retention, graduation rates, GPA, and recruiting. Participants who have in place, or are trying to develop, similar programs will be encouraged to share their experiences and everyone is welcomed to provide feedback. Participants will gain new ideas on how to deepen faculty, administration, and secondary/post-secondary engagement and partnerships to better prepare students for college success, even before they arrive on a college campus. Student Engagement & Instruction (InfoLit and College Readiness), Success & RetentionCollaboration (secondary & post-secondary).

Author Biography

Ian Singer, Credo

For over two decades Ian Singer has been committed to innovation in the field of information services and has held leadership positions at Credo, Library Journal/School Library Journal, ProQuest/Bowker and Aon Consulting. Ian serves on various Trustee and Advisory Boards, including the San Jose State State University School and the New Providence Memorial Library.