Resilience: Course Design for Today and Tomorrow

  • Lyn DeLorme University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Treden Wagoner University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Ryan Elder University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


Instructional designers wear many hats and juggle many technologies. Course design practices that ensure the best possible student and instructor experience are at the forefront of their work. Very often, these practices are influenced by or tailored to a particular learning management system (LMS). Given the transient nature of the digital landscape, how can instructional designers balance the affordances particular to an LMS with the need to adapt quickly? This discussion begins with how one team considered their approach to course design, in light of the ever-changing technology platforms by employing proactive design strategies to plan for future reuse of the course. Participants will have opportunities to share their experiences and leave the discussion with additional methodologies, strategies, and tips for course design.

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Author Biography

Lyn DeLorme, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Lyn is a North Dakota native, born and raised. After completing a master's in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of North Dakota, she went on to pursue her PhD in Occupational and Adult Education at North Dakota State University. She now calls the Twin Cities home. Lyn has assisted in curriculum design and training software development for the aviation industry and online disaster preparedness training for medical professionals, designed small business websites, and collaborated with higher education faculty to design content and integrate digital technology across a wide array of courses from anatomy to zoology. She has also been a licensed elementary teacher.