Getting Frogs to Market in a Wheelbarrow: Strategies for Managing eLearning Projects with Faculty-Driven Teams

  • Mary Katherine B. O'Brien University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Kelly Vallandingham University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Keywords: eLearning project management


This session will focus on effective practices and processes for supporting faculty in the development, design, and delivery of eLearning programs. Particularly acknowledging the unique needs of faculty as they develop online learning initiatives, the presenters will focus on team management skills for faculty, instructional designers, and other support staff, and will suggest methods for establishing timelines and deadlines, delegating tasks, addressing funding constraints, and navigating busy schedules. Drawing upon actual eLearning project management experiences from graduate education and outreach projects in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, the presenters will review tools that can assist in tracking the activities and milestones for a successful delivery of online courses and talk about the selection of tools in alignment with project purpose and scope. Presenters will advocate for the early integration of a project manager’s expertise and project management tools and will share examples of how project management can support successful project execution.

Author Biography

Mary Katherine B. O'Brien, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Mary Katherine O'Brien is a researcher for education and outreach in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota. At present, she is the lead designer and support for ProgRESSVet, an on-line capacity-building education program for veterinary service professionals in Latin America.