Engaged Brains: Strategies for Mastering Learner Engagement

  • Tracy King InspirEd
Keywords: engagement, eLearning, neuroscience, attention, interest, motivation, instructional design


In an age of constant distraction, how do we rein in student focus? Neuroscience offers insights into what it takes to create an optimal learning environment. It all starts with learner engagement. In this session we’ll explore the neurobiological underpinnings of attention and address five key strategies you can immediately apply in your eLearning course design.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Review a model defining what triggers learner engagement
  • Discuss brain sticky qualities we can employ in course design
  • Explore five key engagement strategies applied to case examples


Author Biography

Tracy King, InspirEd

As Chief Learning Strategist & Founder of InspirEd, Tracy leverages her more than 15 years in the education industry for associations interested in increasing their relevance and revenue with meaningful live, online, and mobile learning programs. Tracy specializes in the intersection of learning science, technology and experience design. She's an expert in crafting education strategy, eLearning product design, and instructional design. In addition, Tracy offers training to eLearning teams, university faculty, and at conferences to promote leading edge practices developing learning experiences that make a measurable difference.