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What's Past is Prologue: The History of the Discipline of Pharmacy Administration

Method validation in pharmaceutical analysis: from theory to practical optimization
Eserian, Lombardo


Rigor: An Essentiality in Qualitative Research
Jamshed, Ibrahim, Hassali, Shafie, Al-Haddad, Alkalami

Idea Paper

Advancing Pharmacy Practice Through Social Theory

Case Study

Interview with the Medicine Man: A Case Study of a Traditional Malian Healer

Improving the Tenure Committee's Review Efficiency with Embedded Dossier Functionality
Henriksen, Kisor


Science, Innovation, and Innovation in the Science of Pharmacy
Cline, Worley, Westrick, Schommer

Original Research

Pre-Medicare Eligible Individuals' Decision-Making In Medicare Part D: An Interview Study
Jin, Cline, Hadsall

Chemical Stability of Hydrocortisone in Topical Preparation in Proprietary VersaProâ„¢ Cream Base
Sarkar, Dudley, Melethil, Speidel, Bhatt

Medication Information Seeking Behavior in a Social Context: The Role of Lay and Professional Social Network Contacts
Kjos, Worley, Schommer

Pharmaceutical systematics: Description and preliminary investigation of an alternative method for structuring drug information
Kiersma, Chen, Villa, Shepler, Murawski

Validity of Electronic Prescription Claims Records: A Comparison of Commercial Insurance Claims with Pharmacy Provider Derived Records
Martin, Shewale

Medication non-adherence in the homeless population in an Intermountain West city
Unni, Ashment, Miller, Draper

A Profile of Retirement Age Pharmacists in Illinois
Quiñones-Boex, Turgeon

Identifying Community Pharmacists' Readiness to Participate in Transitions of Care
Gibson, Kebodeaux, Smith, Holtgrave, Gattas

Injudicious Provision of Subtherapeutic Doses of Antibiotics in Community Pharmacies
Amin, Amine, Newegy

Exploring Strategies to Enhance the Presentation of Information in Print DTCA to Improve Consumers, Recall of Information
Hwang, Hsu

Evaluating Pharmacy Student Attitudes Toward the Medium of Comics for Providing Information on Adult Immunizations
Muzumdar, Nania

An Evaluation of the Distribution, Scope, and Impact of Community Pharmacy Foundation Grants Completed by Academic Principal Investigators between 2002 and 2014
Isetts, Olson, Kondic, Schommer

Relationship between Health Information Sharing Behavior Using Social Media and Breast Cancer Screening
Deshpande, Look

Exploring Barriers to Medication Safety in an Ethiopian Hospital Emergency Department: A Human Factors Engineering Approach
Abebe, Chui