Practice-Based Research

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Commentary for Patients' Knowledge of and Practices Relating to the Disposal of Used Insulin Needles

Needle free injection technology - An overview
Kale, Momin

The Science of Safety - An Emerging Concept in Medication Use and Research
Shinde, Crawford

Clinical Experience

Assessment of a pharmacist-led comprehensive medication management and wellness program
Janovick, Green, Bright

Improving Blood Pressure Control in Over-the-Road Truck Drivers: Is Provision of Medication Therapy Management by Pharmacists Feasible?
Hager, Aronson, Smith, Parra, Swanoski

Idea Paper

Experience Developing a Community Pharmacy Practice-based Research Network
Snyder, Frail, Seel, Hultgren

Original Research

Patients' Knowledge of and Practices Relating to the Disposal of Used Insulin Needles
Musselman, Sicat, Thomas, Harpe

Retrospective Analysis of Medication Adherence and Cost Following Medication Therapy Management
Branham, Moose, Ferreri

Evaluating Pennsylvania Pharmacists' Provision of Community-based Patient Care Services
Osborne, Snyder, Hall, Coley, McGivney

The Effect of a Novel Proactive First Day Prescription Counseling Program on Adherence to Select Cardiovascular Medications
McConaha, Lynch

Medication adherence and its relationship to the therapeutic alliance: Results from an innovative pilot study within a community pharmacy MTM practice
Pringle, Melczak, Aldridge, Snyder, Smith

Establishing the Medication Safety Research Network of Indiana (Rx-SafeNet): Perspectives of Community Pharmacy Employees
Seel, Hultgren, Snyder

Patient-perceived value of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services: a series of focus groups
Schultz, Westberg, Oliveira, Brummel

Market Diffusion of Extended Cycle Hormonal Contraceptives
Schumacher, Pettia, Wertheimer

Don't Leave Without Them: Dispensing asthma medications to pediatric patients upon discharge is associated with decreased hospital readmissions
Hiteshew, Franz, Lamberjack, Chen

Primary Care Providers' experiences with Pharmaceutical Care-based Medication Therapy Management Services
Maracle, Oliveira, Brummel

Perspectives from the Hmong Population on Type 2 Diabetes
Xiong, Westberg

Transitions in Care: Medication Reconciliation in the Community Pharmacy Setting After Discharge
Freund, Martin, Kieser, Williams, Sutter

Design and Implementation of Acute Emergency Decision Making Tools to Aid Case Managers: A Focus Group Study
Bradshaw, Washington, Munoz, Brahm

Development and implementation of a community pharmacy medication therapy management-based transition of care program in the managed Medicaid population
Kelling, Bright, Ulbrich, Sullivan, Gartner, Cornelius

Project ImPACT: Hypertension Outcomes of a Pharmacist-Provided Hypertension Service
Nemerovski, Young, Mariani, Bugdalski-Stutrud, Moser

The impact of a community pharmacist conducted comprehensive medication review (CMR) on 30-day re-admission rates and increased patient satisfaction scores: A pilot study
Snodgrass, Babcock, Teichman

Evaluation of provider documentation of medication management in a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
Nguyen, Mehta, Rodis, Casper, Wexler

Addressing Clinical Faculty Need: Creating a Process and Evaluation for Peer Review of Practice
Moon, Reidt, Undeberg, Schullo-Feulner

Integrating Components of Medication Therapy Management Services into Community Pharmacy Workflow
Lester, Helmke, Kaefer, Moczygemba, Goode

Time and Motion Study of Influenza Diagnostic Testing in a Community Pharmacy
Klepser, Dering-Anderson, Morse, Klepser, Klepser, Corn

Assessment of Community Pharmacists Willingness and Barriers of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) focused on Pain Management and Mental Health
Keller, Bright, Sullivan, Cornelius

Value of Online Medication Therapy Management Resources: Community Pharmacist Perspectives
Doucette, Nguyen, Zhang, Pendergast, Chrischilles, Farris, Frank

Evaluation of a Model Comparative Drug Price Resource in Fostering Prescriber - Patient Engagement, Lowering Consumer Costs and Improving Adherence
Hams, Wilkinson

Examining the Effect of a Medication Synchronization or an Education Program on Health Outcomes of Hypertensive Patients in a Community Pharmacy Setting
DiDonato, Vetter, Liu, May, Hartwig

Identifying barriers to influenza vaccination recommendation adherence in an academic outpatient primary care clinic setting
Buu, Mullin, McAdam-Marx, Solomon, Jennings

An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner-Community Pharmacist Team-Based Approach to Managing Hypertension in a Rural Community Pharmacy
Parker, Kelchen, Doucette

Lesson Learned in the Growth and Maturation Stages of a Community Pharmacy Practice-Based Research Network: Experiences of the Medication Safety Research Network of Indiana (Rx-SafeNet)
Kozak, Gernant, Hemmeger, Snyder

Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Meropenem and Piperacillin in Critically-Ill Patients Requiring Continuous Ven-Venous Hemodiafiltration
Ferlas, Nelson, Junghare, Boeser

Community Pharmacist-Provided Osteoporosis Screening and Education: Impact on Patient Knowledge
Brookhart, Brown Fountain, Moczygemba, Goode

Reducing Health Care Costs and Improving Clinical Outcomes Using an Improved Asheville Project Model
Bunting, Nayyar, Lee

Discharge Medication Counseling and its Correlation with Reducing Readmissions for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Exacerbations
Laswell, Svelund, Harzler, Chambers, Chen

Health Literacy Based Communication by Illinois Pharmacists
Devraj, Gupchup

Integration of Rural Community Pharmacies into a Rural Family Medicine Practice-Based Research Network: A Descriptive Analysis
Hagemeier, Blevins, Hagen, Sorah, Shah, Ferris

Description of the methods for describing and assessing the appropriateness of antibiotic prescribing and adherence to published treatment guidelines in an academic medical clinic
Klepser, Altom, MacCallum, Nordquist, Klepser

Transitions of Care Operations at a Family Medicine Clinic: Patient Follow Up and Financial Outcome Analysis
Thomas, Skelley, Wheeler, Gonzalez

Pharmacist Behavior Changes Following a Medication Counseling Training Program Targeting Teach-Back and Plain Language
Hager, Hartkopf, Margolis, Martin

Applying Personality Type Theory to Develop Individualized Wellness Plans for Reducing Chronic Diseases
Schommer, Tieger, Olson, Brown

Level of Evidence Associated with FDA Safety Communications with Drug Labeling Changes: 2010-2014
Hixon, Lowrey, Hume, Mayberry, Freeman

Characteristics of Patients Accepting and Declining Participation in a Transition of Care Service Provided by a Community Pharmacy
Kowalski, Margolis, Schreiner, Kirchner

Patient Feedback on Pharmacist Prescribing for Minor Ailments in a Canadian Province
Taylor, Mansell

The Correlation of Free Health Screenings at Community Pharmacies on Diabetes
Staudt, Amtower, George, Daniels, Allou, Laswell, Ballentine

Integration of Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacy Services in a Gastroenterology Clinic for Management of Hepatitis C Infection: A Pilot Study
Bower, Holtan, Konstantinides, Reidt

Associations between Modifiable Health-Risk Behaviors and Personality Types
Schommer, Tieger, Olson, Brown

Patients’ Perception of a Community Pharmacist-Managed Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Program in Peru: A Public Health Perspective
O'Brien, Downey

Description of Discordance Between LDL Cholesterol, Non-HDL Cholesterol, and LDL Particle Number Among Patients of a Lipid Clinic
Gaborcik, Snider, Hevezi, Wehr, Sharma

Bridging the Gap: Collaboration between a School of Pharmacy, Public Health, and Governmental Organizations to provide Clinical and Economic Services to Medicare Beneficiaries
Patel, Choi, Fan, Man, Thao, Thai, Vachuska, Vachuska, Xu, Valle-Oseguera, Ranson, Pham, Rogan, Walberg, Woelfel

Increasing Childhood Influenza Vaccinations at the Community Pharmacy in Pennsylvania: Important Factors to Parents and Their Peers—A Pilot Study
Mayer, Frontino, Melissen, Yu, PatelShori

Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration at a Family Medicine Residency Program: A Focus Group Study
Hager, Murphy, Uden, Sick

Improving Vaccine Safety by Using an Algorithmic Model as a Replacement for a Physical Thermal Buffer

Study to Measure the impact of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Services (STOMPP) on Medication Non-Adherence: Medication Adherence and Clinical Outcomes
Pinto, Simon, Osundina, Jordan, Ching

Student Project

Pharmacist-Driven Management of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Hospitalized Adult Oncology Patients. A Retrospective Comparative Study
Elshaboury, Green

A Description of Medication Therapy Management Services in Minnesota

Over-the-Counter Medication Use, Perceived Safety, and Decision-Making Behaviors in Pregnant Women
Kline, Westberg

Design and Implementation of Antidepressant Decision Making Aids
DeJongh, Haight

Extent of Drug Coverage across Generic Drug Discount Programs offered by Community Pharmacies: A look at five Chronic Conditions
Patel, Akinwunmi, Sansgiry

Development of a Medication Monitoring System for an Integrated Multidisciplinary Program of Assertive Community Treatment (IMPACT) Team
Watkins, Winchester, Brahm, Washington

Accessibility to Essential Medicines in New York City by Zip Code Income Levels and Boroughs
Aronson, Addo-Atuah

Developing a Respiratory Depression Scorecard for Capnography Monitoring

The Role of Clinical Pharmacists in Modifying Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors
Bagwell, Skelley, Saad, Woolley, Dugan

Potential Rx-to-OTC Switch Drug Candidates
Phan, Wertheimer

Impact of Pharmacists’ Religious and Personal Beliefs in Dispensing Contraceptives
Krupa, Wertheimer

Geographic Distribution of Antipsychotic Use in Medicare Part D Patients
Anthony, Degreef, Freeman

Case Study

Implementation of a Pharmacist-Directed Cardiovascular Risk and Medication Management Program for Participants in a Construction Trade Benefit Trust Fund
Liu, McDonough, Carruthers, Doucette, Miller


Using Think Aloud Protocols to Assess E-Prescribing in Community Pharmacies
Odukoya, Chui


Innovations in Pharmacy through Practice-Based Research
Schommer, Brown, Doucette, Goode, Oliveira


Development of a Risk Assessment Tool for Falls Prevention in Hospital Inpatients Based on the Medication Appropriateness Index (MAI) and Modified Beer's Criteria
Rumore, Vaidean