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Will a Fixed Price Reimbursement Policy for Statins be Cost-Effective for Turkey's Health Care System?
Kockaya, Wertheimer

Will Translational Science Help Reduce Costs of Illness?
Kockaya, Wertheimer

Risky Business
Katwaru, Tobin, Arya

What We Can Expect from Consumer-Driven Health Care

Withdrawing Drugs in the U.S. Versus Other Countries
Ninan, Wertheimer

International Variations In Essential Medication Lists
Tejani, Wertheimer

Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreement Topics in the State of Washington: From Dispensing Pills to Managing Ills

How space design and technology can support the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative through interprofessional collaboration
Hahn, Buckner, Burns, Gregory

Pharmacovigilance Programme of India
Kumar, Reddenna, Basha

Exploring Accessibility of Community Pharmacy Services

Knowing Your Pharmacist's Name
Dragic, Pham, Wertheimer

Pharmacy-Based Tuberculosis Skin Testing (TST): Approaches to Legal Authority
Atkinson, Dering-Anderson, Adams

Should Pharmacy Technicians Administer Immunizations?
Atkinson, Adams, Bright

Idea Paper

Drug Shortages in the US - Causes, Impact, and Strategies
Gu, Wertheimer, Brown, Shaya

Original Research

Hospitalized Patients' Perceived Knowledge and Risk of Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor Medications Before and After a Pharmacist's Classroom-Based Education
Wenzel, Schommer

Medication Experiences of Hispanic People Living with HIV/AIDS

Pharmacist Contributions to the U.S. Health Care System
Schommer, Planas, Johnson, Doucette, Gaither, Kreling, Mott

Prescription drug brand Web sites: Guidance where none exists

Association Between Student Loan Debt on Graduation, Demographic Characteristics and Initial Choice of Practice Setting of Pharmacists
Yusuf, Schommer, Mott, Doucette, Gaither, Kreling

Academic Success and Initial Labor Market Outcomes for Pharmacy Graduates
Murphy, Naughton, Friesner

Is Mail Service Pharmacy Cost Beneficial to Plan Sponsors?
Vulakh, Wertheimer

African-American and Latina Women Seeking Public Health Services: Cultural Beliefs regarding Pregnancy, including Medication-taking Behavior
Sanchez, Rowles, Dube

An estimation of the effect of 100% Compliance with Diabetes Treatment: Can we reduce cost of illness with higher compliance rates?
Kockaya, Wertheimer

Excluding Orphan Drugs from the 340B Drug Discount Program: the Impact on 18 Critical Access Hospitals
Wallack, Sorensen

Evaluation of Patient Assistance Program Eligibility and Availability for Top 200 Brand Name and Generic Drugs in the United States
Chu, Lal, Felder, Rosenau

Pharmacist Contributions to the U.S. Health Care System Reported in the 2009 and 2014 National Pharmacist Workforce Surveys
Schommer, Gaither, Doucette, Kreling, Mott

Pharmacists' Roles and Factors Affecting Patient Care in Korea
Hwang, Young

Criteria-based Certification and Validation of Online Pharmacies: Opportunities for Improved Quality and Safety
Ersin, Naistat

Student Project

Classifications of Controlled Substances: Insights from 23 Countries
Dragic, Lee, Wertheimer

Incentivizing Antibiotic Research and Development
Scandlen-Finken, Wertheimer

Review of Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013: The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)
Gjini, Wertheimer

Community Pharmacists’ Classification of Prescription Drugs into an Expanded Class of Nonprescription Drugs under the FDA's Proposed NSURE Initiative
Shah, Holmes, West-Strum, Patel

Case Study

Health Information Exchange to Support a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
Cochran, Klepser, Morien, Lander


Novel Considerations about Diabetes Management Strategies in Chinese Immigrants in America: Possible Corollaries of the Use of Traditional Chinese Medicines
Devonish, Singh, Tomkinson, Morse