Maria Theresa and Her Afterlives

An Interview with Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger

  • Igor Tchoukarine University of Minnesota
  • Ambika Natarajan Oregon State University
Keywords: Maria Theresa, interview


In this interview, Prof. Dr. Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger, Rector of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Berlin Institute for Advanced Study), discusses her research on Maria Theresa with Dr. Igor Tchoukarine of the University of Minnesota and Dr. Ambika Natarajan of Oregon State University.  The interview took place on November 5, 2019 before Prof. Dr. Stollberg-Rilinger delivered the Annual Kann Lecture at the Center for Austrian Studies on "Maria Theresa and the Love of Her Subjects," which can be viewed here. You can read Prof. Dr. Stollberg-Rilinger's article about Maria Theresa, based on her Kann lecture, in the Austrian History Yearbook.  You can also read the interview with Prof. Dr. Stollberg-Rilinger in the Austrian Studies NewsmagazineThe interview was edited by Tanner Deeds, a graduate student at the University of Minnesota.

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An Empress Remembered: Examining the Life and Legacy of Maria Theresa