The Future of Woodcock


  • Russ Mason Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division Chief
  • John Eichinger President and CEO, Ruffed Grouse Society/ American Woodcock Society



We welcome you to Roscommon, Michigan for this 2017 symposium. What a prime location to host a meeting of this caliber and to expand partnerships for this unique bird. It is crucial that we work together to conduct research and exchange information at meetings like this. Many people helped to make this symposium a reality and we thank all the committee members for their contributions. We especially thank symposium chairs for their diligence and leadership. Since the last symposium, in 2006, there has been considerable work in woodcock research, management, and conservation. Collectively, these efforts have helped to arrest the decade-long downward trend in woodcock populations. We continue to be optimistic about the outlook for woodcock. We believe that substantive long-range strategic planning and expanded partnerships will be key to improving the status of American woodcock in the future.






Conservation Strategies