When global and interdisciplinary scholars share a field of inquiry, terms must be defined so that there is a common understanding of key concepts to guide research. Similarly, applied knowledge requires accepted definitions of terms so that a cohesive message can be disseminated. The “Glossary for Cultural Transformation: The Language of Partnership and Domination” defines key terms related to cultural transformation and the partnership/domination continuum, to provide a resource for research, practice, and community applications of Riane Eisler’s partnership paradigm.


cultural transformation; deconstruction; domination; feminine; masculine; partnership; power; reconstruction society; sexuality; spirituality; Riane Eisler; Sacred Pleasure; The Chalice and the Blade; Tomorrow’s Children; The Real Wealth of Nations

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Issued March 15, 2016. On page 21, the definition of "Matrilineal, matrifocal, matristic, matrilocal" should read:

Matrilineal, matrifocal, matristic, matrilocal: Matrilineal refers to societies in which descent and inheritance are traced for children in terms of their mother rather than their father. In family organizations, matrifocal and matristic mean mother-centered; these families are generally also matrilocal, meaning that both daughters and sons reside in their mothers’ households, and of men entering into women’s family houses or villages upon marriage. According to Eisler, the shift from matriliny to patriliny played a major role in establishing dominator social and sexual relations which led to the invention of one-sided monogamy, along with prostitution, adultery, and illegitimacy, as well as the harsh punishment of women for any sexual and personal independence, along with the institutionalization and glorification of warfare.



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